TRXTR is a highly acclaimed urban contemporary Artist, based in the UK.

With an undeniably strong reputation he embraces both paint and digital rendering, producing dominant and chaotic imagery. This process is what makes TRXTR's work so iconic in the art scene today.

Using a variety of mediums, he often finishes his work with hand stencil and encaustic wax - and it is through this explorative mixed media approach that TRXTR has emerged with a signature style. His images suggest kaleidoscopes or optical illusions, playing with subjects of political and social controversy.

TRXTR's steadily curious eye has turned to famous faces from pop culture, including the fashion rebel, Kate Moss, portrayed in 'Moss on Mars'. Other subjects have been similarly considered in work such as 'Botox Brangelina' and 'Playboy Plasticity'. These titles brilliantly reflecting their content, examining todays narcissistic culture and obsessive use of social media/technology. 

TRXTR's collective body of work captures his artistic experimentation, unique talent for observation and concern for the functioning of our human society. 

His work is both disturbing and intoxicating in equal measure.